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Reasoning and Thinking

The most important teaching of life is contemplation. Meditation is not sitting in positions with blank minds- that’s a waste of time. Contemplation is reasoning and thinking, questioning thoughts that randomly come from no where. Why did you read this? Why did you text? Beware of impulse action. Forces both positive & negative can sway majority easily like dangling puppets on strings. Awareness is enlightenment. Mindfulness is living by the heart which is the true mind. The brain is a mechanical device. All are energy behind black shells, white shells, yellow shells, red shells… The human experience is not the illusions we create. Why is the sky blue? The oceans are clear water reflecting it. In space you see a glowing blue ethereal light- that is Earth’s vital body- energy. It’s resonating at 7.83Hz resonance same as the human heart, which is the strongest magnetic force in the body and can expand for miles & beyond. If you question these things you will see. If you ask what is this place and why am I here- you will find. #love #peace

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